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A Day at Port Vale!

It was Mark & Lianne's big day & what must be my favourite venue to date, the home of my local beloved football club Port Vale! I must have been as excited as the happy couple to be going behind the scenes at the club that both myself & Mark have supported since we probably wore our Vale baby bibs!

The day started off at Hanley Registra on a glorious day and the main entertainment being provided by Mark & Lianne's cheeky twins who didn't seem to let the importance of this day get in the way of having fun! The ceremony passed without a hitch and I won't be the one to tell you that a tear or two was shed by the groom. A note to the wise for the registra - PLEASE turn down the heating, two overheated photographers had misty glasses :)

Once the ceremony was complete it was off to the main event at Port Vale Football club where it was nice to see some the Stoke Fans of the wedding party being shown a real ground, you could see the envy in their faces. It was straight to pitchside for a shoot, that was after the all important badge touch on the way.

As soon as I was told the venue I envisaged the tunnel shot so I asked the staff to extend the tunnel out which they happily obliged (thanks for that) and I was very pleased with the outcome ...

Mark & Lianne were awesome models from the off and I knew it was going to be easy going from therein.

Back upstairs for more behind the scenes action in the main hall and a private box, the cake was cut, the first dance danced and the end of a very happy day for the loving couple complete. I am sure the twins won't let these two get bored and I wish you two many happy years of marriage to come!

Call me in a year for your free anniversary shoot, would love to meet you guys & see the twins a bit more grown up!

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