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Wedding Workshop In The Lakes

I had been to the lakes before on many occasions but never had the time to shoot or really take in its beauty. When I saw the opportunity for a Wedding Workshop there with top wedding photographer Chris Chambers I just knew I had to get a place!

There is such a vast array of skills & knowledge to learn in the photography world that the learning will never end (which in itself is quite scary!). So many photographers pushing the boundaries of the profession that skills & ideas are always developing. I like to think I am doing my bit in this department, head to my Facebook page & check out my unique '360° Immersive Viewing Gallery'.

It started with an early start & a long drive, I met the group and off we went to the first location, a stunning lakeside backdrop & the weather was perfect ...

Very quickly we had captured multiple angles & poses and it was time to move on. The locations throughout the day were stunning, you could really feel the vastness of the landscape!

Immediately I knew I was on a great course, the tips, tricks and learning was full on & will not only change the way I shoot but will help me to get the best shot out of any situation!

Other locations featured a jetty, a waterfall & a multitude of landscapes, all of which lend themselves beautifully to wedding photography. It was a top top day & I am now on the hunt for my next course, I've caught the bug!

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