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A Wedding Photography Editing Insight

My last happy couple, Mark & Lianne very kindly complemented me on the editing of a photograph from a short shoot we did during the day at their venue, Port Vale Football Club. This is something that I take for granted & something that I do for every wedding without question. I edit and check every photograph which is included in the final images as I want every image to be at its best for my couples, these are memories that will be looked back on forever so these fine touches are very important to me.

As they seemed surprised by the editing I performed on this certain photo I thought it would be good to share a before & after! This gives you an idea of what I get up to whilst you wait for your photos to be delivered, so here it is.

I cloned out the "Dont go on the grass sign" and I felt it looked better in B&W so added that along with a couple tweaks to bring out the details, hope you like it :)




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